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Online Test/Sample Purchase Services

GREVESGROUP® offers compelling reasons for conducting test purchases, addressing the need to gather information on product source, genuineness and seller details to investigate suspicions of counterfeiting or theft. Additionally, our services extend to online monitoring, covering B2B and B2C marketplaces, social media platforms, domain names, mobile apps and more.

Our well-trained and experienced global team of test buyers ensures a seamless process, conducting normal-looking transactions. We respond promptly to sample purchase requests, providing discreetly acquired products as evidence against counterfeiting or for clients' personal knowledge. These purchases often uncover valuable information about the target company, sometimes leading to manufacturers.

The scope of our test purchasing service is extensive, covering our global network, online shopping portals, trading platforms and communication with traders and suspected infringing products on popular social media platforms.

To maintain anonymity, we use regular accounts with comprehensive front identities, including physical addresses, phone numbers, websites and more, while safeguarding our actual clients' identities.

Critical details, such as order information, payment receipts, product photographs and invoices, are meticulously documented and shared in the final report, tailored to each client's needs.

Clients have the flexibility to review digital reports or have products mailed to them for examination, with facilitation of returns and refunds based on website/seller policies.

Our operators, adept at discreet sample purchases worldwide, seamlessly blend into any environment, collecting physical and experiential evidence, meticulously documented in our comprehensive reports.

With expertise in conducting online test purchases across various industries, from health products to electronics, our focus remains on consistently delivering high-standard services at competitive pricing, providing exceptional value for our clients.

For comprehensive information on our online test purchases and IP protection services, reach out to us at [email protected].