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O2OTestPurchase.com, an online venture of Greves Verification Solutions DWC LLC(GREVESGROUP®) based in Dubai. At GREVESGROUP®, we take pride in providing a diverse range of services to our clients on a global scale. Our expertise spans corporate investigations, intellectual property investigations, insurance investigations, employee background checks and brand protection services. With our investigative services covering over 125 countries, we have established a robust reputation for consistently delivering exceptional results.

Our team of professionals hails from diverse backgrounds, encompassing law enforcement, intelligence, defense, legal, police and security. This broad spectrum of expertise equips us to offer comprehensive and customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Supported by skilled associates proficient in high-grade technology and IT, we excel in delivering top-notch brand protection and verification services.

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A key strength of GREVESGROUP® lies in our global presence. With investigators strategically positioned across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Australia, North America and South America, we ensure comprehensive worldwide coverage. This extensive network empowers us to provide a wide array of international corporate investigation and international test/sample purchase services. Through our partnerships with companies of all sizes and independent agents, we possess the capability to serve individuals and businesses globally.

At GREVESGROUP®, we take a methodical and discreet approach to collecting and analyzing intelligence across locations worldwide. Our team of specialists, renowned for their unique skill sets and practical ability to overcome even the most challenging circumstances. We work closely with our clients, utilizing our international resources to efficiently and effectively achieve their objectives. By utilizing various public and proprietary databases, as well as other open sources, we gather crucial information that guides the direction of our investigations. This comprehensive approach, combined with our human intelligence gathering activities, ensures that we provide reliable information to defend our clients' interests and brands.

Partnering with GREVESGROUP® means gaining access to superior test purchase services such as online test purchases, on-site test purchases, site visit services, discreet investigations and top-notch brand protection services. Our team of experts is committed to producing outstanding results and offering helpful insights to aid our clients in making well-informed choices, with a high focus on professionalism and privacy.

When you choose GREVESGROUP®, you can have confidence in our proven experience, unwavering commitment to excellence and diverse range of services designed to meet your needs We are dedicated to tackling your challenges and safeguarding your brand's integrity. Trust GREVESGROUP® for all your verification requirements and experience the guarantee of quality in all facets of our services.

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Online Test Purchases

Online Test Purchases involve covertly purchasing goods online to check authenticity and distribution.

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Offline Test Purchases

Offline Test Purchases involve covertly purchasing goods in physical stores to check authenticity and distribution.

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Mystery Shopping Services

Mystery Shopping Service involves covert evaluations of customer service at physical stores.

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Site Visit Services

Site Visit Services involve covert verifications of production, storage and distribution facilities.

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Brand Protection Services

Brand Protection Services work to monitor and protect companies' brands and intellectual property.

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Discreet Investigations

Discreet Investigations covertly gather information to resolve disputes or suspicions.

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Data Collection

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Insights and Action

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We conduct both online and offline test purchases to evaluate distribution channels. Online purchases are made covertly on websites and marketplaces. Offline purchases are made in physical retail stores.

Our specialists visit client locations anonymously to evaluate customer service, store conditions, product placement and more. Detailed reports identify areas for improvement or any compliance issues.

Site visits assess production, storage, shipping and receiving operations. We analyze supply chain integrity and security measures to identify risks. Comprehensive reports include photos, documentation and location analysis.

Through covert surveillance and data collection, we gather evidence around issues like counterfeiting or trademark infringement. This helps build strong cases to protect clients' intellectual property.

We have investigative teams and local partners covering North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. This wide network allows for global brand monitoring.

Any issues are reported with supporting evidence. Our experts then advise the best approach which may include legal action, changes to security measures or other corrective actions. Clients are updated every step of the way.