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FMCG Test Purchase Services

GREVESGROUP® stands as a beacon in the realm of international brand protection, offering a comprehensive suite of services uniquely tailored to safeguard the integrity and reputation of brands across the globe. GREVESGROUP® is the leading provider of global brand protection solutions. We offer a wide-ranging portfolio of covert evaluation services including online and offline test purchases, mystery shopping programs, site visit audits, discreet investigations and strategic brand monitoring. With over 25 years of professional experience, a global network and customized approaches, GREVESGROUP® delivers comprehensive intelligence and rapid responses to help clients effectively enforce their intellectual property rights and safeguard their brands internationally. Our expertise is deeply rooted in the FMCG industry, where the constant flux of products and the rapid pace of the market create a fertile ground for brand vulnerabilities.

The Necessity of Brand Protection in the FMCG Industry

In the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector, the velocity at which products are developed, manufactured and distributed poses significant challenges in maintaining brand integrity. Counterfeiting, unauthorized sales and intellectual property infringement are just a few of the myriad threats that lurk within this dynamic industry. This is where the expertise of GREVESGROUP® becomes indispensable, ensuring that your brand remains protected, authentic and reputable in a highly competitive marketplace.

Our Customized Services for the FMCG Industry

  • Online Test Purchases: With the digital marketplace expanding exponentially, our online test purchase services are designed to identify and address unauthorized sales and counterfeit products in the digital sphere.
  • Offline Test Purchases: Our offline services complement our online efforts, providing a holistic view of the market landscape by identifying physical retail outlets that may be compromising your brand.
  • Site Visit Services: To ensure compliance and authenticity, our site visit services meticulously inspect and verify manufacturing and retail locations.
  • Mystery Shopping Services: This service is essential for evaluating the customer experience and ensuring that brand promises are delivered consistently across all touchpoints.
  • Discreet Investigations: In cases where there is a suspicion of brand infringement, our discreet investigation services gather necessary intelligence while maintaining confidentiality.
  • Brand Protection Services: Our comprehensive approach encompasses all aspects of brand protection, ensuring that your FMCG products maintain their integrity from production to point of sale.

Global Network and Availability

GREVESGROUP®’s extensive global network empowers us to offer our services across various continents and regions. Our presence in key markets ensures that we can swiftly and effectively respond to any brand protection needs specific to the FMCG industry, regardless of geographical boundaries.

For a deeper understanding of how GREVESGROUP® can tailor its services to your unique brand protection needs in the FMCG industry, please contact us. Our team of experts is ready to collaborate with you in forging a robust and secure brand presence in the global marketplace.

For comprehensive information on our online/offline test purchase and brand protection services for FMCG, reach out to us at [email protected].