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International Discreet Investigations

We also offer discreet investigation services to provide you with a deeper understanding of any potential threats or imitators of your brand which could affect your brand in the long term. These investigations are conducted covertly to gather valuable intelligence and uncover critical information related to infringements, Counterfeits, unauthorized use, or other brand-related challenges.

Here are some ways that discrete investigations might enhance our brand protection services:

  • Finding Infringements on Online Marketplaces: To find and concrete proof of probable violations, covert investigators might probe the ecology of online marketplaces. Our investigators can go undercover and pretend to be regular buyers or sellers in order to look for and record any illegal activity, fake goods, or unauthorized uses of your brand. We also gather required evidence based on your needs. This enables you to establish a solid case against infringers and implement the necessary legal or enforcement measures.
  • Identifying Social Media Impersonation: Through discreet investigations, we can uncover instances of social media impersonation and unauthorized use of your brand's identity. Our investigators trace fake accounts, fraudulent promotions, or misleading content to identify the culprits behind these actions. By gathering evidence, we enable you to take quick action to protect your brand's reputation and prevent further misuse.

We provide an effective plan for defending your brand by including discrete investigations into our brand protection services. Our team of skilled investigators makes use of their knowledge and advanced techniques to identify potential dangers, collect vital information and assist you in taking the required actions to safeguard your brand's integrity and reduce risks.

For comprehensive information on our discreet investigations and IP protection services, reach out to us at [email protected].