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The regional capabilities of GREVESGROUP® and its affiliates, partners, representatives, agents and sub-agents are a collective expression of its combined operational strength and capabilities through a network of regional operators and independent investigators located in various countries; each of whom are locally compliant with the prevalent regional and local laws in force at their respective locations and each of whom are individually responsible for their own acts and omissions. Each of our affiliates have independent stature and are governed by their respective regional statutes and have individually indemnified GREVESGROUP® from any Civil or Criminal liabilities arising out of their acts, for which, they shall solely be responsible and answerable to their regional authorities. Notwithstanding anything contained in this website, GREVESGROUP® specifies that it does not have physical presence in several countries and cities across the world and the physical presence is that of its affiliates, representatives, partners, agents, sub-agents or associate investigators, and such passive presence of GREVESGROUP® emanates from various regional service level agreements or bilateral business sharing agreements and all on-field operations are independently executed by regional affiliates representatives, partners, agents, sub-agents or associate investigators in their respective regions. GREVESGROUP® is only a facilitator between the end user and the service provider and has limited liability and accountability with respect to customer satisfaction and time bound execution of work and does not endorse the claims made in respect of the constitutional and legally compliant physical presence of its affiliate partners despite taking all the necessary precautions and steps of verification before enrollment of such regional affiliates and partners in good faith.