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Online Brand Protection Services

Brand Protection Services (Online Marketplace Watch, Social Media Watch, Domain Name Watch, Mobile App Watch, Online Research & Enforcement Action on Infringers). Our comprehensive suite of brand protection services is designed to safeguard your brand against infringements across various online platforms.

Here's a glimpse of what we offer:

  • Online Marketplace Watch: The issues of trademark protection change along with the ecology of online marketplaces. Our Online Marketplace Watch service keeps a close check on the most popular e-commerce sites, looking for and reporting any unauthorized listings or fake goods that can damage the name of your company. We put in a lot of effort to make sure your items aren't counterfeited or offered for sale by unauthorized merchants.
  • Social Media Watch: Social media platforms have become a hotspot for brand misuse, including, bogus marketing and unauthorized trademark usage. Our Social Media Watch service analyses prominent social media networks for brand imitation and counterfeiting. We work quickly to make sure to defend your brand's reputation and maintain customer trust.
  • Domain Name Watch: Securing the correct domain name is critical for developing a strong online presence. However, cyber trespassers and opportunistic individuals may register domain names that infringe on your trademark. Our Domain Name Watch service continuously monitors domain registrations and detects any suspicious activity or unauthorized usage of your brand's name or variants. By swiftly resolving such issues, we help safeguard the online identity of your brand.
  • Mobile App Watch: Mobile applications open up possibilities for consumer contact with brands, but they can raise issues if unauthorized apps deceive customers or compromise the integrity of your brand. With the help of our Mobile App Watch service, we check well-known app shops for unauthorized trademark usage and take the required precautions to stop it. We guarantee that only genuine and approved applications display your brand on mobile devices.
  • Online Research & Enforcement Action on Infringers: We go beyond monitoring and detection to actively study and research on the targets that are infringing on your brand. Our skilled staff collects evidence, creates detailed reports and implements effective enforcement measures. We try to address infringement concerns and safeguard your brand's interests through legal procedures, cease and desist letters, takedown requests and other appropriate actions.

For comprehensive information on our online brand protection and IP protection services, reach out to us at [email protected].